Surviving Ntarama Church

Peter’s journey throughout Africa is extensive. You can only imagine the number of frames captured in his multiple trips just to Rwanda alone. No single blog post can cover the scope of this tragedy, which is why I will posting multiple articles showcasing Peter’s work throughout Rwanda. This story centers on a pregnant woman who survived the Ntarama church massacre where over 5000 others perished. She feigned death among the bodies around her in hopes of seeing another day.  With both fear and determination she survived and gave birth to her child.

Ntarama Church Ntarama Church

The photo above shows the four main ways the slaughter was conducted.  From left to right: bullet, axe, club, and machete.Ntarama Church

Standing on the benches, the bones and debris from the massacre have been left behind to expose the tragedy.Ntarama Church Ntarama Church

afallah552fea860f79f By: Amir Fallah – Digital Curator / Social media content manager