Lucky Shot? PM Lester Pearson’s funeral

Peter likes to say that he gets lucky sometimes, but this one has “right place at the right time” written all over it.  Standing in the cold of December in 1972 on Gatineau Hills, just outside of Ottawa, Peter waited patiently for the arrival of the funeral procession of the late PM Lester Pearson.  He recalls raising his camera to snap a few quick test shots to make sure the camera was working, and the result was iconic shot of the actual procession (shown above) which not only made the covers, but has been published and seen countless times since.  Although many of his photos from that day ran through the wire, it’s the “test” shot that everyone remembers.  Stay tuned for more of Peter’s “Lucky shots”.

Photos above are property of the Canadian Press.

afallah552fea860f79f By: Amir Fallah – Digital Curator / Social media content manager