Jack Layton – The Shave

Peter always talks about his series of politicians shaving in the morning.  As you can imagine, this would require an early invite by the subject to his most private sanctuary, the bathroom.  The collection of shavers keep on growing, but in the meantime here are some of the Jack Layton captures only months before his… Read More

Covering the Royals…

(above picture) Princess Diana enthralled by mayor’s chain of office as she and Charles sign the guest book. 1986 With all the media hype over the Royals, we’d thought we show you some of Peter’s popular work.   Peter’s long career has brought him lot’s of opportunities to capture the Royals whether in the U.K. or abroad…. Read More

Covering Canada in Vietnam

As part of the International Commission of Control and Supervision (ICCS) Canada played a huge peacekeeping role in Vietnam.  Canadian soldiers partook in helping stabilize and keep the peace while enforcing cease fires .  Peter was there to cover the Canadian efforts. Below are photos of Peter with others including AP photojournalist Nick Ut who captured… Read More

Racial tensions of Boston Busing

(Above) A policeman breaks up a fist fight between supporters and protesters of forced busing in Boston, MA, on first day of school in September 1974. The racial barriers that divided America for so long came to an end in 1974, or so we thought again.  In 1974  Judge W. Arthur Garrity Jr. ruled that students from… Read More

Lucky Shot? PM Lester Pearson’s funeral

Peter likes to say that he gets lucky sometimes, but this one has “right place at the right time” written all over it.  Standing in the cold of December in 1972 on Gatineau Hills, just outside of Ottawa, Peter waited patiently for the arrival of the funeral procession of the late PM Lester Pearson.  He recalls… Read More

Surviving Ntarama Church

Peter’s journey throughout Africa is extensive. You can only imagine the number of frames captured in his multiple trips just to Rwanda alone. No single blog post can cover the scope of this tragedy, which is why I will posting multiple articles showcasing Peter’s work throughout Rwanda. This story centers on a pregnant woman who survived… Read More

Onboard the HMCS Regina

This time last year Peter took advantage of a great opportunity to sail on-board the HMCS Regina and capture a glimpse of the day to day lives of our men and women serving on board.  Many of the pieces ran in Maclean’s Magazine.  Check out some of the work below. Above: Peter Bregg with his weapon… Read More

John, Yoko, and Pierre

“If all politicians were like Mr. Trudeau, there would be world peace” said John Lennon, and that message was heard by millions during John and Yoko’s peace crusade which included many stops in Canada. Shot in 1969 only one day before Christmas eve on Parliament Hill at the Prime Minister’s Office, Peter recalls the excitement… Read More